Cars Gathering for the Lady BuckJumpers Second Line at Fourth & LaSalle

I finally emerged from my grading retreat and got on the bike this afternoon to head downtown for a quick trip to the gym with J.–our last together as she moves onward and upward to NYC. I took my regular route up Louisiana to LaSalle/Simon Bolivar. That smooth asphalt and those wide, empty lanes through a friendly neighborhood make it my route of choice. Oh, but it’s Sunday, and that means it’s second line time. Continue reading

Do Not Enter Sign at Bayou St. John

S. texted me this morning, reporting she was in the mood for a bike ride. Ever happy to oblige such moods, I hopped on Rhoda (all decked out for Mardi Gras) and headed to Bayou St. John for a promised ride on Lafitte. Continue reading

Blight, an Empty Lot, and New Construction Near LaSalle and Fifth

It was another cold and crispy day in New Orleans, but today was game day. Last day of the regular football season, and the Saints were ready to finish a good one. Or not. I hopped on the Surly and headed down to the Treme to find out. Continue reading

HBO Second Line in the Treme

Treme Crew Party Second LineGood lord, it’s hot in New Orleans! I know, I know–it’s a good problem to have if you are living somewhere where it’s already snowing. But I long for fall bike rides. Then again, the sun felt good as I headed out on my bike toward the Treme after watching President Obama’s Town Hall at UNO, skirt flying and doing my bike dance. Summertime in October. Whoa. Continue reading

Abandoned School at N. Miro and St. Ann

Abandoned School, Maybe, At N. Miro and St. AnnAfter spending a couple of hours cleaning the Surly, including cleaning between each individual link in the chain and scrubbing the derailleur, all of which was incredibly pleasurable, I took the bike out for a ride. I headed to Mid-City for coffee and a cookie and some writing. Continue reading