Empty Lot at St. Charles and Louisiana

It was a perfect spring day in New Orleans (and yes, I know it’s only February), and I had no parades to go to, so I took my bike to a coffee shop where I sat outside and got some work done. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but it was impossible to stay there on this most lovely day. I wasn’t the only cyclist out enjoying the sunshine; Kate Hudson was walking her bike down Magazine Street, dressed as if it were much, much warmer than it actually was. But I love anybody on a bike, movie star or not, so more power to her and her cold arms. Anyway, tonight I got back on the bike and headed down to the Treme to meet friends for dinner, whiskey, and stories. I stopped to take a picture at the corner of Louisiana and St. Charles. This used to be the future home of some bank, and maybe it still is, but now it’s allegedly the site of some work by Ranger Environmental Risk Assessment and Bioremediation. I wonder what they found in there. Lead? Something from the gas station next door? Something worse? I hope the taggers who decorated that back wall were wearing good shoes. I’m not at all surprised that there might be environmental contamination of some sort here–we’ve got that everywhere. But it is a little surprising how long this lot can sit like this on the fancy St. Charles Avenue. Maybe it’ll get bio-remediated and be home to something useful. I’ll keep my eyes on it as I pedal past almost every single day.

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