Old Ed. Smith’s Stencil Works on Camp Street Near Gravier

I was much looking forward to a bike ride around the Bunny Friend neighborhood with S. today, but the weather was menacing and we decided to postpone that particular ride. Of course the weather held, so after a lovely cup of coffee I rode my bike down to the Marigny to see if anything was afoot. I’ve spent my last few rides consciously moving my gaze from its usual steady concentration on the road. I mean, I need to watch for the myriad potholes and ridges and abandoned streetcar tracks peeking out from the asphalt, but it is too easy to just zone out there. It’s a different view if you just raise your eyes a bit. Today’s raised eyes noticed Ed. Smith’s Stencil Works old building on Camp Street. The place looks like it has been there forever, and the business actually has been–since 1867. I’m guessing they’ve made a lot of the iron signs and plaques all over this city, but I wonder how the business is going now. Is there a big market for rubber stamps, signs, seals, and badges anymore, now that we’re all digital and stuff? But I’m sure, like any business, it changes to meet current priorities. But peering in the windows, the place has that dusty feel of ye olde tymes. Guess I should ride past their new shop on Bienville, check the place out. Eyes up, people.

4 thoughts on “Old Ed. Smith’s Stencil Works on Camp Street Near Gravier

  1. their new place is right down the street from our house. it’s pretty big, so i’d say they must be doing ok to be able to afford that space. i keep thinking it’d be cool to go in there and see what goes on inside.

  2. You could get a stamp made of your web address and just randomly go around stamping things and people. Rude or fun? You decide. Maybe increased traffic would get you advertising bucks.

    That’s for free, just because I love your blog!

  3. I was doing some research on new orleans police badges today and I found your site…thanks for the info..Im kinda in to history of cop fire and medical stuff….have a great day..(ed smith shop)

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