Broken Toilet at 6th and Lasalle

Ok, so I probably should have staying in tonight, but I am constitutionally unable to sit on my couch and stare at the TV. I used to be able to do that just fine, but no more; I blame bikes and New Orleans weather. So I took the speedy new bike–currently know around the house as “Maxx EFX”–down to Zeitgeist for a screening of the great movie Salt of This Sea as part of the Patois Film Festival. Zeitgeist helpfully has several bike racks, giving the neighborhood the definite feel that we belong. I love that. The movie was good, intelligent, moody, well-paced, and told an important story, thought at moments it seemed a bit heavy handed. I was glad also to have a break from riding to watch the movie. I’m not anywhere near biking help Boo. I joined some other folks on bikes after the movie and we headed up the Washington and LaSalle for St. Joseph’s Day and the meeting of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes from around the city. These suits were phenomenal, with their bright plumage and careful beading. I found my face getting lost in feathers as the Indians turned themselves around and around, adding touch to the list of senses in play tonight. I snapped pictures of some of the wonderful colors and shapes I saw, but it seemed odd to me to try and capture those moments on film. To get it, you just have to be there, let yourself see. As I rode slowly home I noticed this busted toilet lying on a pile of old house debris, I’m guessing. This is maybe a block from where a most beautiful and intense performance was happening. Yep, Here we are again, trying to hold on to the ability to see both at the same time. I’m off to bed now, praying I wake up ready to bike for real.

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