Ghost of an Old Building at Oretha Castle Haley and Terpsichore

Yep, still under the weather, but I’ve decided to pretend I’m not sick so I can go back outside and play. I know, I know…that’s no way to get genuinely better, I’m just prolonging the sickness, etc. etc. etc. What can I say–I’m a terrible patient. So after a day spent reading rather devastating legal cases about transexuals in prison, I hopped on Maxx EFX and rode down to Zeitgeist to catch another film in the Patois Film Fest. As I waited to go inside, I took this picture of the buildings across the street. The one on the left houses the always-delicious Cafe Reconcile. That’s a must-stop if you come visit New Orleans, for sure. I’m not sure what used to be next door, but something. I love how you can still see the ghost of its neighbor outlined there. I wonder how they excised that building, leaving the other standing. They can do some pretty amazing things, apparently. I’m not sure what’s going in there, but here’s hoping it’s a garden. We always need more gardens. I settled in to watch the film–Freeing Silvia Baraldina–and thought about how capricious our system of incarceration is, not just for political prisoners, but for all of us. After the film I zipped downtown to do my volunteer shift for the Southern Repertory Theater’s Backstage Bash. Yeah. Very different crowd from the Patois Film Fest. Afterward I rode home in an incredible rainstorm. Here’s hoping that whole you’ll-catch-your-death-of-cold saying is just a saying. It felt good to be out in the world today. I hope there’s more of that in my near future.

2 thoughts on “Ghost of an Old Building at Oretha Castle Haley and Terpsichore

  1. If you feel like being out and about, then that probably IS the way to get genuinely better. You’ll rest when you need to. Stay well!

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