A Guy Ordering a Drink at the Saint

I got up this morning with the day off and no plans, so when J. tweeted to see if anybody wanted to join her at the City Council meeting, I was in. I took the Surly and pedaled downtown for what turned out to be several hours of parliamentary procedure and such highlights as Councilmember Midura reading the menu of a new restaurant in her district into the record (I’m not really feeling the turtle panini, personally) and Councilmember Head‘s insistence that restaurant Il Posto is “the best thing that’s happened in my neighborhood in a long time.” When Head complained that too much money was being spent on bike lanes and not enough on roads, I knew it was time to get out of there. Watching our local government in action is scary. For example, the Council voted against the City Planning Commission‘s ruling that a church should not be built in a residential neighborhood based on Councilmember Hedge-Morrell‘s insistence that she’d talked to the leaders of the church and “had a good feeling about them.” This is how we make zoning decisions in this place? It’s embarrassing. Bring on the Master Plan, ill-named as it is. So when Barbara called to see what I was doing tonight and if I wanted to get a drink, I was more than up for it. We met at the Saint, where I took this picture of a young hipster getting a drink at this hipster bar. I remember stopping at this fine drinking establishment on a night when Jackie Clarkson was having a campaign event here. Now that was weird. And Stacy? The problem really isn’t that we have too many bike lanes.

3 thoughts on “A Guy Ordering a Drink at the Saint

  1. Thanks for the bit from Councilmember Head regarding her comment about bike lanes. Personally I’d like to know more about who are the local officials that are bike friendly and who aren’t. This city should adopt an aggressive policy on bike lanes, bike parking and traffic calming. Interesting that she represents the most bike-friendly district in the city. (Relatively speaking this is true because of the many side streets and proximity to lots of students who ride to and from class in much of the district.) Sounds like she doesn’t give a damn that to get the Lower Ninth by bicycle you have to share a lane with 18-wheeler semi trucks, or that the most dangerous intersections aren’t in her district. Sounds like she needs to tour the city on two wheels. I wonder how often she even leaves her district enclave?

  2. The problem is we have to few bike lanes. Im sure not all members of the council agree with Mrs Head. At least I hope not.. Im going to send an email to Stacey to support more bike lanes. New Orleans is the perfect bicycle city.

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