A Guy Ordering a Drink at the Saint

I got up this morning with the day off and no plans, so when J. tweeted to see if anybody wanted to join her at the City Council meeting, I was in. I took the Surly and pedaled downtown for what turned out to be several hours of parliamentary procedure and such highlights as Councilmember Midura reading the menu of a new restaurant in her district into the record (I’m not really feeling the turtle panini, personally) and Councilmember Head‘s insistence that restaurant Il Posto is “the best thing that’s happened in my neighborhood in a long time.” Continue reading

Bike Parking at the Saint on Lower Magazine

Bikes at the Saint in the Lower Garden DistrictTonight found me riding my bike down to the Lower Garden District to meet friends for drinks and socializing, and then over to one of my favorite bars for some dancing. The first place didn’t have anywhere to put bikes, so I locked up on a pole about half a block away; a couple bikes had already staked out the bus stop sign. Continue reading

Popeye’s at Claiborne and Milan

Popeye's on ClaiborneI left my house around 2:00 this afternoon, clipped in to my bike and hoping to run in to trouble somewhere. That’s my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon. I started by tooling over to 4238 Claiborne, where I snapped this photo of Popeye’s. Continue reading

The New Orleans Hornets Vs. The Chicago Bulls

Hornets vs. BullsTonight I scored some excellent free tickets to the Hornets game.  Chris Paul is still injured, so I wouldn’t get to see him play, but I have never been to an NBA game, and I was positively thrilled to get to head down to the Arena tonight.  Continue reading

Frogs in the Gutter on Annunciation

Sometimes New Orleans feels like a city with urban problems of population and planning. Other times it feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business and you see the same people over and over again, even if in different contexts. Continue reading