Wildflowers at Perrier and Valence

After yesterday’s disappointing duckling search, I decided to take T.’s advice and ride my bike around Audubon Park in search of Uptown baby birds. No such luck–I must be catching them all at their naptime–but I did see a whole bunch of herons, egrets, grown ducks, and turtles. It was a lovely day, and lots of folks were running and walking and rollerblading and biking and staring at birds. After a loop around the park I biked slowly home on side streets, avoiding St. Charles, which is finally getting repaved. I listened to a song on repeat and looked at springtime. There are so, so many flowers. Everywhere. I stopped to take this photo of wildflowers on the median at Valence and Perrier because there were so many kinds of flowers–poppies, roses, ferns, columbine (maybe–ask S.), and that fantastic jasmine hat the yield sign is donning. It was just so very pretty, and this afternoon, riding home, I just felt so very lucky.

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