G. Joseph Sullivan Pumping Station #6 in Old Metairie

I woke up this morning with a major case of senioritis. The semester is almost over, but it’s not over. I, however, am over it. After classes–which went well in spite of my spring fever–I rode the Surly to lunch and then set out to try to get lost. It was a perfect day for that kind of ride, and it was exactly what I needed. I rode around Mid-City and then up Canal to Old Metairie for a frozen yogurt. Yeah, a long ride for TCBY, but sometimes we’ve just got to do it. I followed the “Bike Route” signs around some neighborhood until it spit me out here, at the G Joseph Sullivan Pump Station #6, apparently with the largest capacity of any pump in the world. Sullivan worked for the Sewerage and Water Board for 36 years, and, according to this article I read, he invented the “rake” that captures debris before it gets into the station. I didn’t know all these little factoids when I was checking it out this afternoon. What I saw was a reminder of how much work goes into keeping us dry, and that there’s no guarantee it’ll work. I also saw, when I turned away from the pumping station itself, a lovely canal through a lush and green neighborhood. I continued my ride back to the Quarter for a quick stop at the gym and ended at home with leftovers and a really good documentary. Heed the senioritis, I say.

One thought on “G. Joseph Sullivan Pumping Station #6 in Old Metairie

  1. This story reminds me of the time we did the tour of the hot springs heating or was it nuclear ? 🙂 That was on our tour of the wine country and was really funny. I still have the fridge magnet somewhere. Glad to see you are still carrying on our tradition of everything is interesting even if it is free.

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