Jasmine On a Brick Wall at Governor Nicholls and Chartres

Oh, it’s muggy out there–the kind of muggy that means my glasses fog up when I step out of air conditioned buildings, or even when I’m just breathing a little hard from pedaling fast. I headed out on the Surly to check out Jazz Fest crowds and also to get away from news coverage of the river of oil gushing in the Gulf. It was incredibly windy, and some of the gusts pushed me uncomfortably around, and headwinds sometimes made me feel like I was pedaling to nowhere. The streets were eerily quiet and empty, I’m hoping because folks were still at the Fest (brought to you by Shell Oil. Ugh.). My ride back Uptown hit even stronger winds, and there was just something off about the air. I stopped on Governor Nicholls and Chartres to take a picture of this beautiful jasmine growing over a brick wall, kissing the air with its cloying perfume. It is so, so pretty, and it smells so good, this jasmine that’s everywhere. I want the air to smell like jasmine, even if sometimes I feel like it’s going overboard. I don’t want the air to smell like oil. We are all waiting to see what this disaster will bring, and for me, I wait best on my bike. So after passing this, I headed for the St. Claude bike lane. Sometimes all you can do is laps.

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