Town Hall Meeting About Crime at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in St. Roch

The sun was back out today, so after working from home most of the morning, I hopped on my bike and headed to the Bywater for a late lunch and a grading jamboree. I was in a bouncy sort of mood, so I decided to take a new route, and went down Tchoupitoulas. The traffic was fast, but so was I, and it felt great. After finishing up my work I took the bike on the Chartres-St. Claude bike lane loop–I love some bike infrastructure, that’s for sure. I took a right on St. Roch to get a little more time on the bike. Continue reading

Domino Sugar’s Chalmette Plant at N. Peters & West Moreau Street (in Arabi)

It was a ridiculously sunny day today, and I got to spend it on my bicycle. I rode down to meet K. for brunch and then headed toward the Quarter. As a Friend of the Cabildo, I get free admission to–you guessed it–the Cabildo, so I stopped in for a quick visit (and to use the bathroom) before heading the St. Claude bike lane into the Lower 9. Continue reading

Cyclist Using the St. Claude Bike Lane at St. Claude and Press

The weather report promised a 100+ degree heat index, so I was a little anxious when heading downtown for a quick Saturday afternoon bike ride, but oh, the difference some clouds make! I headed down to the St. Claude bike lane to take some pictures for D., who will be talking about our fancy bike lane at a conference this weekend. Dodging Ole Miss fans wasn’t easy, but I made it to St. Claude and Press and set myself up to snap some photos. Continue reading

Blighted House on Mehle and N. Rampart in Arabi

I had a lovely day getting some reading and writing done before hopping on the Surly for a trip to the doctor’s office. At the end of our appointment I asked her how she was doing as the 5th anniversary of Katrina and the levee breaches that flooded New Orleans. She told me a harrowing story of her escape from the city, so terrible it seemed like out of a movie. But it wasn’t. And hers is one story among thousands and thousands and thousands. Continue reading

Train and Graffiti at Chartres and Lesseps

I woke up this morning hoping the rain would stay at bay for just one afternoon so I could get a real ride in. I wrote my daily words by 10am, stopped by the bike shoppe for cleats for my new bike sandals, and headed to class. The thunder started, but no rain. Until, of course, I was heading home. I managed to avoid a downpour until I headed back out to meet friends for lunch. Continue reading

Jasmine On a Brick Wall at Governor Nicholls and Chartres

Oh, it’s muggy out there–the kind of muggy that means my glasses fog up when I step out of air conditioned buildings, or even when I’m just breathing a little hard from pedaling fast. I headed out on the Surly to check out Jazz Fest crowds and also to get away from news coverage of the river of oil gushing in the Gulf. Continue reading

Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

I spent the day reading and thinking and doing my taxes, so by the time the evening rolled around, I was excited to get out of the house. I hopped on Rhoda and pedaled down to the casino to join N. for a free buffet dinner. Continue reading

Fazendeville at the Chalmette National Battlefield

Finally, a free afternoon on a sunny day! I took the Surly out, no particular destination-my most favorite sort of ride. I decided to hit up the delightfully smooth (minus the train tracks at Press St.) St. Claude bike lane. After dodging a number of cars using the lane for its fine double parking opportunities, I finally reached the St. Bernard Parish line. Continue reading

Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press

Train Crossing at St. Claude and Press StreetI know, I’m like a broken record, but the weather is so flipping beautiful here this week. I rode around running errands this afternoon, in a skirt and tank top and sandals as my shoulders baked in the sun. In November. Man, I love living here! Those hot and humid summer months–which I also enjoy–are worth it for these pleasant fall days. Continue reading

Bike Route at Coliseum and Antonine

Bike Route at Coliseum and AntonineI’ve been taking some time off the bike to give my poor knees a rest, so today’s ride just took me to the hair salon and back.  On my return, I stopped to snap this photo of the Bike Route sign on Coliseum and Antonine.  Continue reading