Rally for the Gulf Coast at Jackson Square

Man, I was sore today! I played racquetball yesterday. I’ve never played before. I spend an hour or two riding my bike, but there’s no lateral movement at all in biking. There’s a lot of lateral movement in racquetball. I am entering a new world of crosstraining. Anyway. I took the bike out for a very slow ride up to campus to do some research and then headed downtown for a rally. It’s thirty days since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and the oil is still gushing, and now it’s washing up on our shores. It is so devastating, and the news doesn’t seem to get better and I’m not convinced anyone’s being honest about what’s going on and how much oil we’re looking at. And we can hardly see any of it, with all the dispersants they’re using. It’s as if not seeing it means it’ll go away, like we’re all one year old. This isn’t peekaboo! The whole situation is so frustrating, angering, and sad. The folks in this picture were raising their hands to talk about what could be done, or how sitting on these steps wasn’t doing anything. Thing is, if we don’t want slow-moving environmental disasters like this one, then we have to stop using oil. Anarchist dude up top was right. This is going to take some radical redoing of how we live our lives. Afterward I got back on my bike to head home, glad at least that I wasn’t driving a car, hoping we don’t have the same exact vigil 30 days from now.

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