A Line of Bikes at the Bicycle Second Line in Audubon Park

I got up before 7:00 this morning, on a Saturday. This is not something I consider appropriate for a woman of my habits, but today was the big day: the bike rodeo for kids, followed by the bicycle second line in support of the Metro Bicycle Coalition. I was really excited to see lots of folks on bikes taking over the streets, and I was not disappointed. It was hot and humid–I was dripping sweat by 7:35 on my short 2.5 mile ride to the rodeo–but still! There were so many bikes! I got very few pictures, all busy signing up new members of the MBC (no, it’s not too late to join!), but I caught this one as the cyclists started their ride out of the park. You can see them all in a line behind those wonderful trees. I didn’t go on the ride because I was busily helping to set up the afterparty, but it sounds like everyone had a good time and there were only two flats. It was positively wonderful to meet so many other people who like biking around here as much as I do. Afterward I took a quick dip in a pool and got back on my bike to head to Mid-City to check out Bayou Boogaloo, then on a ride with S. to see the yachts at the Municipal Yacht Harbor. I stopped for a soft serve cone and then biked home, happy to have spend a long, long day with bicycles. And ice cream.

2 thoughts on “A Line of Bikes at the Bicycle Second Line in Audubon Park

  1. wish I could have been there, Kate. would have made a wonderful caboose I believe on a 1997 hoffman trickster with a checkerboard seat. doctor says no wheelies yet. steebs says the day was a success.

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