Post-Wedding Clean Up at the Van Benthuysen-Elms Mansion

What did I see riding my bike around today? Well, I saw a lot of bachelorettes. It’s wedding season, and it’s everywhere. Last weekend’s ride through City Park, for example, ran me through three different weddings. I rode my bike down to the Quarter for a few tweaks to the Surly at the bike shoppe, and then to R.’s for writing group with him and S. Then it was back on the Surly to La Petite Theatre to volunteer for tonight’s performance of Noche Flamenca. Man, that show was fantastic. The dancers were amazing–so much control and delay and sexiness. I walked the bike through the Quarter afterwards, and that’s when I noticed all the bachelorette parties. There was the bachelorette with the sandwich board asking strangers to make requests (karaoke, dancing, shots, etc.) and the tiara with plastic penises on top and condoms glued to the veil falling down the back. Yeah, I was under dressed. On my ride back Uptown I saw a horse and carriage heading the other way, bride and groom inside. I noticed all the lights at the Van Benthuysen-Elms, figuring it just might be related to the newly-married couple heading out. Yes indeedy! Now, I’m actually no fan of marriage–it’s a long story–but I have a feeling everyone had a good time tonight, and for that, I say, Cheers! If you want to see what love and longing and passion and desire and that feeling where waiting might be impossible, but you never want to stop waiting–for that, go see Noche Flamenca and leave the weddings for the rest of them.

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