Loose Gravel at Baronne and Polymnia

I’m having a bit of a front derailleur issue that I haven’t had time to deal with, so the Specialized is getting extra riding time. The bike is quick and nimble and those skinny tires offer such a low rolling resistance it can feel like flying. It most definitely did when I hit the brand spankin’ new asphalt on Loyola. So, so nice! I’ve been cursing the resurfacing there for awhile. I spend a lot of time thinking about road surfaces. You have to if you use New Orleans roads. I’ve really never seen anything like them–and right now it seems like have of them are under construction. There is no way to get from Uptown through the CBD without riding through it, be it on St. Charles up by Tulane (though one side is repaved–it’s like ice!), Loyola, Magazine in the Lower Garden District, or Baronne by the Muses development. I stopped to take a picture of this gravel pit on Baronne at Polymnia. I ride over this at least three nights a week. I’m slow from MLK to Jackson, though, because new pits are always popping up. See that traffic barrel in the distance? It’s marking this spot, I think, but it might be covering some other pothole. I don’t know–my eyes are always pinned to the street at this point, hoping I don’t slip out on gravel or fall in a hole and flip. And it’s a whole different show on these skinny tires. I enjoyed paying close attention tonight, riding home in the surprisingly cool night air.

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