Humidity. So. Much. Humidity.

I am still acclimating. It is really getting hot out there, but more than that, it’s the humidity. The air is so thick. It is so heavy. I swear, it’s like swimming out there. I was running a little bit late on my way to work this morning so I had to pedal hard. Before I even made it a few blocks I was dripping with sweat. Just dripping. I swear, if you’re wearing cotton, wear a size smaller because it gets wet and just hangs. I’m back in the habit of bringing a dishtowel with me to mop myself up when I get where I’m going, so that’s something. I rode back downtown after work to meet J. to chat about his independent study. Again with the dishtowel, again with soggy mess. Now, I’m certainly not going to stop biking in the summertime. It’s just going to take me a little time to remember all the strategies for dealing with it–namely, slow down. What I love about living here, though, is that everyone, everyone is “glistening,” and nobody cares. Once you give in to it, life is good. But today, I was too hot to stop for a picture. It’s when you stop pedaling that you really feel it–ride a bike and create a breeze!

3 thoughts on “Humidity. So. Much. Humidity.

  1. Having grown up in the South, I was stunned by the low humidity when I first visited Denver. I was living here, 2 months later, in part because I love the dry air.

    That said, I sometimes miss the gooey night-time air in the summer…

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