Sailboat on Lake Pontchartrain

A ridiculously hot–RealFeel(tm) 110 degrees!–and sticky summertime Saturday afternoon? Don’t mind if I do! I hopped on the Surly and headed to Mid-City for lovely brunch with A. I meant to go home afterward, get some work done, but I just kept pedaling. I just wanted to see the lake today. I headed up the Wisner bike path, snaking through patches of shade, and then up Lakeshore. Continue reading

Truck and Flowering Tree at Camp and Toledano

My legs were kind of wilty today after yesterday’s ride so I kept my ride to the commute to campus for class and then back home. I pedaled along, noticing the lushness that all this heat and humidity give us. Back at the beginning of spring we got the brilliant azaleas and that insidious cat’s claw and the cloying jasmine. I always feel a little sad as the heat comes on because I know it’s the end of that first wild color, but lately as I ride around I’ve been noticing the outrageous fuschias and purples and the sparkling bright whites of these flowering trees. Continue reading

Pink Skies Over Constance and Valence Streets

As I was cycling Uptown in my black dress under the beating sun, struggling a little to breathe in the heat and humidity, I wondered if every blog for the next six months will start with a remark about the weather. Maybe, maybe not, but today it was hot in a whole new way. It was that choking heat, the kind that makes you slow way down, reminds you why everything’s a little slower in the South. Continue reading

Oak Tree and Gray Sky Over Tulane

All that humidity? Yeah, it was a long preamble to today’s downpours. It was sunny and thick when I left for work this morning, but by the time class had let out the streets were ponding with water and I was wishing I’d gotten those fenders on the Surly yesterday. Always tomorrow with the damn fenders! Anyway, I poured the rain out of my helmet and headed to the library to pick up a book I’ve been anxiously awaiting via that magic bit of socialism known as Interlibrary Loan. Continue reading

Humidity. So. Much. Humidity.

I am still acclimating. It is really getting hot out there, but more than that, it’s the humidity. The air is so thick. It is so heavy. I swear, it’s like swimming out there. I was running a little bit late on my way to work this morning so I had to pedal hard. Before I even made it a few blocks I was dripping with sweat. Just dripping. I swear, if you’re wearing cotton, wear a size smaller because it gets wet and just hangs. Continue reading

Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. Galvez

Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. GalvezToday’s ride took me Uptown and over to Mid-City via Carrollton to meet K. and M. for coffee and work. The ride was tiring because of the intense humidity. I mean, my glasses were fogging up as I pedaled over the bayou. Continue reading