Graffiti on a Fence at Milan and Camp

I had a most lovely day today, picking blueberries and swimming in the Bouie river under a crazy bright sun. No, I didn’t ride my bike there. But next time I visit, I am most definitely bringing the Surly for a ride on the Longleaf Trace, blueberry smoothie to follow. When I got back to town I immediately jumped on the bike and headed to a presentation at the local bookstore of a great new book about a 19th century bike randonneur. He rode a high wheel bike, insisting that even though the “safety bike” (modern low-mount bicycle) might offer similar gearing choices and be much safer, he preferred the classic machine for its simplicity, and he also liked the part where the ride was a little dangerous. I felt like I was hearing the fixie convo, but over 100 years early. And then there were the bicycling clubs and worries about flats and the crazy part where some people just want to ride their bikes everywhere, all the time. Super interesting, indeed. After some dinner and dessert with N. I headed back downtown. I stopped to take a picture of some graffiti on a fence outside this blighted house on Camp and Milan. The house has looked the same kind of run down for three years, except the LSU flag finally came down. At a certain point, I guess these houses stop being houses and turn into canvases. This graffiti reads: MUSING…MUSIC ISNT TOY! Muse on it–I think it’s totally right. I pedaled home, glad I’m not trying to bike around the world in the time before cell phones.

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