Lemann Pool at Lafitte and Prieur

Oh, I had a most lovely Sunday! I spent the morning finishing a book and then working on my own. Then I lathered on the sunscreen and headed out on the Surly, to the library for a replacement read, then to A.’s yard sale for a blueberry delivery. I rode to Mid-City for lunch and some iced tea and, frankly, some air conditioning. See how long it took for me to remark on the fact that it is incredibly, outrageously, downright filthy hot around here right now? But you know what? I have access to a pool back at my place–oh, sweet fortune! After a quick pedal through City Park and along Bayou St. John to see what other folks were up to on the Sunday afternoon–nothing in this heat, it turns out, as I saw nary a soul along the bayou–I zipped up Lafitte on my way home for a cooling soak. I stopped at Prieur to snap a picture of the Lemann Pool. It’s behind fences and surrounded by empty lots of weeds. It didn’t look like anybody was in there, though someone was washing a car with a hose from the place. It is hotter than the cayenne A.’s friend sprinkled on the tomato she sliced for me, but a pool that could be used to cool down a whole host of neighborhood folks just sits there. I would love to see it open and integrated into a greenway that actually serves the needs of the people who live and travel along the corridor. Now that the city has purchased the land, could this be in our future? And yes–I would surely give up the pool at my tiny pool house for local ones for all of us to share, in a second, most definitely.

4 thoughts on “Lemann Pool at Lafitte and Prieur

  1. What??? Give up something you posess privately for something everyone can use? What kind of thinking is that? You some kind of a socialist or communist? Go back to Cuba!

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