New Playground Equipment at Wisner Center Park at Annuciation and Upperline

As I was getting on my bike to head home after enjoying the Laker blowout with N., I thought about what I was going to say about this picture I took tonight of new playground equipment at the park on Annunciation and Upperline. When I first moved to New Orleans this park was still filled with FEMA trailers, but that space is now a baseball diamond. The basketball courts have been redone. And now, finally, the rusted out swingset and aluminum overhang has been replaced with this colorful new equipment. Things move ever so slowly here in New Orleans, but we get it right sometimes, for sure. I felt that rightness on my short ride tonight, with the cooler air and the sun setting–this picture doesn’t do justice to the pink skies in the distance. Lovely, lovely evening. But as I was thinking about how things change, even when they seem to be staying the same, I clicked in, pushed off, and somehow, even though I’ve executed this move thousands of times, I lost my balance and tipped right over. I hate how when this fall of the “I can’t get my foot out of the pedal” variety happens, time slows down, you know you’re going to fall, and all you can think is, “why can’t I keep this from happening?” I’ve got some scrapes, and the ride home was less fun than the ride out, what with the blood pooling in my shoe, but there it is. I’ve gotten pretty good at riding my bicycle, but sometimes I’m still going to fall.

2 thoughts on “New Playground Equipment at Wisner Center Park at Annuciation and Upperline

  1. Good to see progress even if it is so slow. The children will benefit. Sorry about the spill! I am sure that was unsettling. Just don’t get infected. It looked ugly.


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