Golden Cosmos at Joseph and Patton

I was zipping around town today, feeling good in the sunshine. I swear it’s getting cooler even though the numbers aren’t changing. After teaching and some time in the office I headed over to N.’s for some World Cup action. That is some tense sporting, my friends. I watched one of the players for Italy attempt a bicycle kick on a ball that was just a little too high. I quickly realized that all my time in the saddle has done nothing whatsoever to prepare me for my duties on the pitch. Alas. As I headed home to do some writing I passed these beautiful golden cosmos in front of a fence on Joseph and Patton. I love how tall they are and their wispy stalks and their tiny flowers. I used to think planting didn’t really make sense if you weren’t planting food. Why have a grassy lawn, I thought, if you could have a field of basil? Ok, I still sort of think that, and I certainly don’t understand lawns, but this patch of flowers, like the wonderful pink ones that always remind me of my mom, makes an excellent case for planting for beauty. Fortunately, there’s room for both, especially when you do away with grass. Another lovely day on the bike.

One thought on “Golden Cosmos at Joseph and Patton

  1. I agree with “mom”. But in my neighborhood of manicured lawns I have become a pariah with my mini lawn of moss mixed with grass. I will water the flowers, mother nature takes care of the lawn.

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