Empty Lot at Claiborne and Cadiz

I rode home from work along Claiborne Avenue after grabbing a quick lunch and a few minutes of the Copa Mundial at the local burrito place. It’s a wide street–three lanes in each direction–and there’s even a shoulder. The asphalt is smooth. But it so flipping scary to ride there. The cars zip by so fast. Take the foot off the pedal, folks! Give a girl some space! Sometimes I just want to make everybody spend ten minutes getting passed by cars while riding a bicycle, just so we all know what’s really going on. I know, I know, take a different route. But the arteries are the only properly paved roads in this town, and I have a right to them too. Sigh. Anyhoo, I stopped at Cadiz to take a picture of this empty lot declaring itself For Sale, Sold, and No Trespassing. I was reminded just how much blight there is, even on our main thoroughfares. Claiborne’s getting trees on the neutral ground now, though. The street is in need of some sprucing up–and slowing down.

One thought on “Empty Lot at Claiborne and Cadiz

  1. Do you have a mirror on your bike? I don’t remember seeing one. I find it helps alleviate my anxiety when I can see the cars coming.

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