Streetcar at Jefferson and St. Charles

I was heading Uptown to meet my old college friend S. and her pal J.M. for drinks and for some reason the ride just felt perfect. I had a bouncy song in my head  and the sun was behind just enough cloud to bring the temperatures down to plain old hot. I didn’t ride yesterday, so I think I was also just happy to be on the bike and pedaling. Whatever it was, tonight’s ride felt like some much-needed play. So when I caught up with the streetcar around Napoleon, I decided to race it. I pedaled as hard as I could, and I totally kept up since it was making lots of stops. I got some quality coasting in too, once I got on the smooth asphalt of the newly-paved part of St. Charles. There is seriously no better feeling than sitting up and coasting along new asphalt. Sigh. Anyway, I beat the train to Broadway, where I turned to catch my breath. It’s way to hot and humid for racing, man! I let the streetcar get the better of me on the way home, stopping to mail a movie back at the mailbox at St. Charles and Jefferson. Can you tell how fast the streetcar’s going here? Ok, not that fast. But sometimes I’m faster. Wheeee!

One thought on “Streetcar at Jefferson and St. Charles

  1. Oh, wait until you get to coast miles down a smoothly-paved road that you just spent hours climbing. Now that is fun.

    Please, do not make the move into “aero” gear.

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