Steps at Baronne and MLK

I am back in New Orleans, thank goodness. I was only out of town for a couple of days, but I’m kinda sorta addicted to riding my bicycle around so I was happy to back on the Surly, planning to zip around all day long. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. It rained all day. All day. I miraculously managed to miss the rain on my ride over to N.’s for some futbol and then to meet R. for racquetball. Yep–I’m on summer vacation. The skies were dark and my fenders were getting a serious workout, but it was just good to be back on the bike. I took Baronne back Uptown and stopped to snap this picture of a couple stairs nestled in overgrown weeds on an empty lot. More blight, surrounded by more blight, everywhere. A few blocks up somebody’s painted the safety cone in that one ever-expanding pothole in Mardi Gras colors. Blight and crumbling infrastructure, yes, but at least it can look pretty.

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