Trash Cans and a Chair on St. Claude Between Governor Nicholls and Barracks

It rained all day long again–the outer bands of Alex, I’m told. I moved my car to higher ground (just six feet one way or the other makes a difference on my street) and stayed inside, writing and reading and listening to weather. I finally had to leave the house for a meeting with a student, so I put on the bike shoes and pedaled, figuring moving faster would mean less sogginess in my umbrella-less future. The rain was dying down, though, so I got to ride my bike in the (relatively) cool late afternoon air. Simply divine, I tell you. I rode down to the CBD for a quick stop and then over to the Treme for a “Welcome, Baby!” cocktail reception–we don’t do “baby showers” in New Orleans, I guess. As I headed back Uptown I noticed that it’s trash day, and on the first of the month, no less. This means there’s good garbage for the taking, if you’re lucky. Like this chair, for instance. I like how it’s set up right next to the trash cans, and that’s the only way you know it’s trash. Because really, it’s a chair, and in perfectly fine condition, I might add. But nobody wants to sit there, on the curb, next to trash. Yes indeed, context matters. I passed chairs, a couch, two mattresses, and several small pieces of furniture with all sundry drawers and things, but I didn’t need anything tonight–just a pleasant ride in a brief respite from rain.

2 thoughts on “Trash Cans and a Chair on St. Claude Between Governor Nicholls and Barracks

  1. I hope its gonna turn out alright–if its not the wind, its the rain. We are on the lookout for the first big storm of the season in this part of the world. So far so good, but its only a matter of time.

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