Green Along the Tammany Trace Between Abita Springs and Covington

Back in March I was a little tipsy and there was a silent auction and I was in the mood to bid. I ended up with two weekend stays at hotels in Covington, and I’ve got to say, best bidding ever. I tossed the Surly in the back of my car and drove over the bridge to redeem my coupon here at the Residence Inn. I stopped at the Insta-Gator Ranch for a tour–not recommended–and then to the Abita Brew Pub for a beer and some sweet potato fries–highly recommended–to fuel a quick fifteen miles on the lovely Tammany Trace. I snapped this picture between the Abita Springs and Covington trailheads. It might look like just a mass of green–and it is so much green–but there are so many different plants and trees that are just slightly different shades, creating the most beautiful mass of color. Green, green everywhere, except for the little brown bunny rabbits that were snacking all along the way, darting away when they heard my bicycle. The trail is flat and smooth and I pedaled fast fast fast and could not stop smiling. Summertime is treating me right.

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