Green Along the Tammany Trace Between Abita Springs and Covington

Back in March I was a little tipsy and there was a silent auction and I was in the mood to bid. I ended up with two weekend stays at hotels in Covington, and I’ve got to say, best bidding ever. I tossed the Surly in the back of my car and drove over the bridge to redeem my coupon here at the Residence Inn. I stopped at the Insta-Gator Ranch for a tour–not recommended–and then to the Abita Brew Pub for a beer and some sweet potato fries–highly recommended–to fuel a quick fifteen miles on the lovely Tammany Trace. Continue reading

Blighted Tin House on the St. Tammany Trace

Oh, I had a most lovely day on my bicycle. I got up early and drove myself and the Surly to Lacombe and rode up the St. Tammany Trace to Abita Springs. On my way I saw lots of other folks on bikes, a few runners, some walkers, and a kid on a scooter. The sky was perfectly blue and the sun was bright, and I just pedaled and pedaled and pedaled, listening alternately to birds and music. Such a nice way to spend the day! Continue reading