Kourtney Heart at the Ogden, From the Third Floor

Sometimes I worry that one day I’m going to get on my bike and the pleasure will be gone. And then there are days like this one: it was hot and thick out, so I packed my bag for the rest of the day and night, hooked in on the Surly, and went for a ride. I just love riding a bike. It was a sweaty day as I tooled around from a lunch date, an iced tea, the gym for its air conditioning, the museum, another coffee and a meeting, dinner, and finally home. I took this picture at the museum stop, for Ogden After Hours, Bounce Edition. Bounce doesn’t belong in museums, it belongs in clubs. It is music that is seen, not heard. I learned that from the “Where They At” exhibition at this museum. But here is Kourtney Heart, performing to a couple rows of seated museum members, a group of giggling teenagers, clearly from out of the parish,  young hipsters, and a whole bunch of other folks in the entry hall at the Ogden. Love it. Or not. I had to leave early to get to a meeting, but this was by far my most enjoyable stop of the day.

One thought on “Kourtney Heart at the Ogden, From the Third Floor

  1. Thank you so much for for stoping in and for this site. Kourtney Heart is a postive young lady who loves her peers and fans from the young people to the older folks ……
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    Thanks again ….

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