Kourtney Heart at the Ogden, From the Third Floor

Sometimes I worry that one day I’m going to get on my bike and the pleasure will be gone. And then there are days like this one: it was hot and thick out, so I packed my bag for the rest of the day and night, hooked in on the Surly, and went for a ride. I just love riding a bike. It was a sweaty day as I tooled around from a lunch date, an iced tea, the gym for its air conditioning, the museum, another coffee and a meeting, dinner, and finally home. I took this picture at the museum stop, for Ogden After Hours, Bounce Edition. Continue reading

The Everything Shoppe at Canal and Magazine

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. That’s because last night I rode my bike down to New Orleans Arena for the Jay-Z concert, and it was so, so good. I mean, it was really ridiculously good, and I was so high afterwards, I just couldn’t get to sleep. That meant not a whole lot of biking today, but I took the Surly up to work and then Rhoda and I rode downtown to help S. do some packing for her move this weekend. Continue reading