Christ Church Cathedral at St. Charles and Sixth

Today’s ride took me down to City Hall for a meeting. I can’t really the terrible shape that building’s in. The restroom on the first floor has only one working stall, and that one’s got a plywood swinging door, no lock. I went to fill my water bottle from the sixth floor drinking fountain–until I noticed there was a big moldy growth over the drain. Yikes! Yep, that’s our public building where our public work gets done. After my meeting (November’s going to be a great month for bikes, y’all!) I rode over to the gym and then back Uptown for Jazzercise, which was held in a room at the Christ Church Cathedral. I’ve passed this church a zillion times, but I’ve never really noticed it. I’m not a particularly religious person, and I definitely am not a church goer. And yet here I was, hanging at the Cathedral for the second time in a week. Churches aren’t exactly public spaces, but apparently, you can have Jazzercise in them. Jazzercise–that’s a whole separate blog post, one filled with Attitude Hops and Jazz Hands. Anyway, as I was leaving the church after class, I was wishing City Hall was as welcoming a place, because I don’t own that church, but City Hall should belong to all of us, and I should feel welcome there.

2 thoughts on “Christ Church Cathedral at St. Charles and Sixth

  1. Your description of City Hall makes me sad. How can the citizens of NOLA have any civic pride when the building that should be the centerpiece of the city is in such disrepair!

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