Sunset Over Lee Circle From the Fifth Floor of the Ogden Museum

Oh, the difference a few degrees and a few more percentage points of humidity make! I didn’t need to towel off following my couple miles bike commute to campus. After work there was practically a chill in the air! Well, not quite, but close enough. I headed down to the museum for music and to check out their exhibit of photographs from right after the levees broke following Katrina. The photos are devastating. So much devastation, unbelievable, tragic, shameful. I spent some time on their fifth floor balcony, thinking about how much this skyline has seen. I snapped this picture of the Robert E. Lee statue high above Lee Circle, the sun going down, leaving a pink and light blue glow in the dense clouds, birds standing on top of Lee’s hat. It was beautiful out there. Lots of things to see in this picture, but tonight, I just let it be beautiful.

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