Moon Over the I10 From the Jeff Davis Overpass

See that glowing dot in the background there? Yeah, that’s the moon. I first saw it as I picked up the Jeff Davis bike path at Washington as I rode to Mid-City for a meeting. I pedaled faster, in time to the music, thinking the view would be pretty good from the top of the highest hill I’ve found in NOLA–the I10 overpass. I actually lost the moon when I got up there. I looked behind me–no dice. Seems I hadn’t actually pedaled past it, leaving it in my wake. I snapped this picture, purposely avoiding the giant billboard in the foreground, just to the right of this frame. The moon by itself was a good reminder that I am very, very small, but the billboard reminded me that yes, I was most assuredly in this world, and I might need a lawyer sometime. I pedaled on, watching the moon to my right, the sky changing shades of blue. A guy passed me on his bicycle at one point, and he waved to the right, at the moon, letting me know I should check it out. The sky changed to a dark, dark blue by the time I made it to the meeting after one of the loveliest evening rides in awhile.

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