Book Signing at Women With A Vision on Jeff Davis & Iberville

I worked from home today, doing a little of this, reading a little of that, until I had to hit the dentist–I had a pocket that needed excavating; you don’t want to know more. I hopped on the bike this evening to head over to the Women With a Vision offices for a book release party/fundraiser. I had one of those rides where you barely notice you’re pedaling because you feel like you’re just flying. What a perfect way to end a productive day. Anyway. Continue reading

Moon Over the I10 From the Jeff Davis Overpass

See that glowing dot in the background there? Yeah, that’s the moon. I first saw it as I picked up the Jeff Davis bike path at Washington as I rode to Mid-City for a meeting. I pedaled faster, in time to the music, thinking the view would be pretty good from the top of the highest hill I’ve found in NOLA–the I10 overpass. I actually lost the moon when I got up there. I looked behind me–no dice. Continue reading

“Confederate Domination” Plaque on a Lamp Post at N. Rampart and Bienville

Today was a good day full of productivity and pep talks and copy machines. After a long day in the new office–it’s beautiful–I headed down to the Quarter for a quick burrito before riding to Mid-City for a bicycle meeting. It felt good to get to pedal some distance today. Man, I really missed my bicycle. I was stopped on the neutral ground waiting for a green light to cross N. Rampart on Bienville when I noticed the plaque on the lamp post. Now, I’ve ridden up and down this street a gazillion times, but lamp posts aren’t necessarily something I’m going to stop and notice. I need the light, not the post. I popped the Surly up on the curb to get a closer look. Continue reading