Satellite Dishes and Overgrowth at Piety and Chartres

I didn’t ride my bike yesterday. I didn’t do much, actually, other than walk to the grocery store for cat food, sour cream, and lettuce and then watch TV. It was the perfect lazy reset kind of day. I got up this morning and did some reading and writing and looking at work I didn’t want to look at and figuring out what to do about it. After the game I took my frustrations out on my bicycle, pedaling as fast as I could to K.’s house for a meeting. That meeting had its own frustrations, so I headed down to the Bywater afterward to meet R. at W.’s house. I rode as hard as I could, flying down that new asphalt on Camp Street, turning onto Chartres and picking up speed. It was humid humid, so I was a sweaty mess, but I was feeling better already. And then the rain came. I waited it out, waited, and then the air was perfect. Really, really perfect–hard-rain-after-days-and-days-of-humidity-and-broken-promises perfect. I tightened my helmet, clipped in, turned on a song and I was off, pedaling as hard as I could, flying past these abandoned satellite dishes sprouting from the tall grass. Same cadence, different ride.

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