Blue Sky and Shrine at First & Dryades

It was an absolutely perfect day to ride a bicycle in New Orleans. The cold front they’d been promising all weekend blew through last night, leaving us with crispy autumn air and shiny blue skies. I headed to campus on my bike in the morning–and it was actually kind of chilly! A few quick blocks and the chill was gone, though; in spite of what many folks said to me today, it isn’t quite fall. After work I pedaled through Central City on my way to the post office, only to find that it closes at 4:30, so my 4:40 arrival sent me down Dryades to the main branch at Loyola and Girod. I stopped at First Street to take a picture of a shrine growing on the corner. Yesterday a two year old child was killed here, hit by a stray bullet. That is just so terrifically sad, in so many ways. Across the street is a building that houses church volunteers here to aid in rebuilding projects. Behind me is Peace Park, and ad hoc corner greenspace. In houses up and down the block people were sitting outside on porches and on sidewalks, enjoying the weather. I rode back Uptown on Baronne, nodding to the senior citizens sitting on their porches, the two guys working on  a truck, the lady on her purple bike, carrying takeout, woman walking her dog. This is a neighborhood. How sad.

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