Bridge, Trees, and Blue Sky in City Park Along Harrison

I got up early again this morning and headed out for Day Two of bicycle safety class. Nobody was on the roads this morning and it wasn’t hot yet and it felt simply divine to be out pedaling. We took our written test (29 out of 30–holla!) and then set up to go on a group ride. We pedaled along, each signaling in turn, politely waving at piles of gravel and potholes to let each other know about road hazards in advance. My favorite was when we would come to a stop. One hand would go out, down to the side, the rider yelling “Stopping” like a British gentleman. “Stopping…Stopping…Stopping…,” sixteen down the line. Quack quack. I practiced my new safety skills, actively scanning, signaling, communicating with drivers and my fellow bicyclists. We stopped for lunch and talked about safe cycling and how to get folks to wear helmets, and how many of us work for Tulane. A lovely day with lovely fellow safe cyclists, but I was ready to head home and ride my favorite way–by myself. I stopped to snap this picture of a bridge and trees and a blue sky on Harrison, about midway through City Park. To the folks responsible to designing this park, tending it and bringing it back, and to the folks who put in that bike/ped lane on the repaved Harrison, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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