Beer On Tap Festival at City Park

I got up early this morning and biked over to the Regional Planning Commission’s offices over in Lakeview for bike safety class. I then got to spend the day with other regular bicyclists talking about how to teach other people to ride their bikes safely in traffic (hint: ride with traffic, not against it). I left the workshop wanting to practice my rather dismal bike handling skills so I can confidently execute my avoidance techniques. The bike nerd alert sounding loudly, I practiced taking the lane over to the lake and then along the Wisner bike path back to City Park to meet M. and friends for New Orleans On Tap, a beer festival to benefit the Louisiana SPCA. There were tons of folks there, in their LSU colors (or Tulane green–happy homecoming, boys and girls!) racking up the $1 tastes and listening to music from the main stage. Yeah, it’s October. I snapped this picture while sitting in the grass, reveling still in the new sunglasses. After a too-quick stop with S. for some froyo, I rode back Uptown, took a chilly dip in the pool, and then settled in for an evening of baseball. I am so lucky!

One thought on “Beer On Tap Festival at City Park

  1. It was only as I continually bumped into the sides of the tunnel, heading back to my campground from downtown Jasper, Alberta – where I had discovered the wonders of Canadian draft beer – that I learned the perils of drunken bicycle riding. Please tell me they covered this in the bicycle safety class.

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