Halloween Decorations at State Street & St. Charles

Some day soon I will not be able to start a post talking about how perfect the weather is, but today? Today, the weather was perfect. I headed out in the morning for an appointment and then rode up to campus for lunch with a student and an afternoon of grading and reading and grading some more. The day ended with wine and cheese and L.’s paper and a good discussion. Such a nice day. I pedaled home in the dark along St. Charles and the wind had an extra chill. I stopped to take a picture of this house at State Street. These people are very, very excited about Halloween. They have at least a dozen of these posed skeletons on the lawn, fences, and in the bushes. They’ve made signs for each one, a clever play on words describing the silly way each died. Two skeletons on the balcony are wearing Saints jerseys, there are pumpkins and lights. I’m sure the folks who live here had a wonderful time designing the display, and I’m sure neighbors and kids and streetcar tourists love it, but as I rolled by it on my bike tonight, after that perfect day in the sunshine, I kind of just thought it seemed wasteful. Yep, I can always fit in a little grousing and judging, no matter how lovely the day. Phew.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Decorations at State Street & St. Charles

  1. CRAZY that people think New Orleans needs to be decorated for Halloween. The city is entirely full-on real GOTH and lusty everyday. This is why P and I nuptualized there on the eve of hallows. ENJOY, my dear Kate!

  2. I had a different take. I would assume from the size of the home the decorations could be afforded. I would enjoy seeing this as I could not decorate my house like this but it is still fun for me. Different strokes for different folks.

    I personally love halloween!

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