Halloween Decorations at State Street & St. Charles

Some day soon I will not be able to start a post talking about how perfect the weather is, but today? Today, the weather was perfect. I headed out in the morning for an appointment and then rode up to campus for lunch with a student and an afternoon of grading and reading and grading some more. The day ended with wine and cheese and L.’s paper and a good discussion. Such a nice day. I pedaled home in the dark along St. Charles and the wind had an extra chill. I stopped to take a picture of this house at State Street. These people are very, very excited about Halloween. Continue reading

Buffet Line at Tulane’s 1834 Club

I finally feel significantly better today after dealing with days and days of strep throat and the resulting cough and shortness of breath. This is usually the time when I’ll excitedly go out for a long bike ride, but I decided to take it easy today so that maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get better for good. I took the Surly up to campus for work and then back home, a little disappointed by the cloudy sky. Continue reading