Sunset Over Hollygrove From Leonidas & Eagle

I spent most of the day working–first from home and then from the office–so I was definitely in the mood for a bit of a ride around town at the end of it, in spite of the heady winds. We don’t have hills here, so windy days feel like my only chance to “hill” train, so I decided to pedal against it for awhile. I headed up Oak Street past Carrollton to check out how the fancy new street is looking. (Good, but it’s way too narrow for parking on both sides, cars each way, and a stray bike or two.) I turned at Eagle and headed toward Hollygrove, stopping to check out the new water treatment plant being storm-proofed at Spruce Street. The sun was going down and the sky was turning the most brilliant pink and orange. I snapped this picture from Leonidas and Eagle, trying to capture how ridiculously beautiful it looked out there tonight. How lucky I am to get to live here and ride my bike under these skies. Of course, the color might be due to pollutants in the air (is that true?), and the picture doesn’t show the stacks of this plant rising up, pumping steam (I hope) into the air, the backdrop to blight, marring the view for kids playing at Harrell Stadium. But it also doesn’t capture just how lovely the sky looked tonight, how cool the air, and how good it felt to just take a spin around the neighborhood. Yeah, I’ll take it.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Over Hollygrove From Leonidas & Eagle

  1. The color itself is due to light refraction. It is enhanced by the presence of most types of airborn particles, which could in some cases be pollutants.

    • What a lovely way to think about it, S. And funny thing about your post? I *just now* made my plans for tonight’s ride. I will do my best to ride well with others!

      And Nick–thanks for the Science Lesson!

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