Sunset Over Hollygrove From Leonidas & Eagle

I spent most of the day working–first from home and then from the office–so I was definitely in the mood for a bit of a ride around town at the end of it, in spite of the heady winds. We don’t have hills here, so windy days feel like my only chance to “hill” train, so I decided to pedal against it for awhile. I headed up Oak Street past Carrollton to check out how the fancy new street is looking. (Good, but it’s way too narrow for parking on both sides, cars each way, and a stray bike or two.) I turned at Eagle and headed toward Hollygrove, stopping to check out the new water treatment plant being storm-proofed at Spruce Street. Continue reading

Queen of the Ball at Oak and Carrollton

Queen of the Ball at Oak and CarrolltonI forgot how rainy late summer is in New Orleans, but the sky is helpfully reminding me. I just missed the rain on my ride to work, where I had lunch with B., and we talked about where we’ve been in the last six weeks and where we’re going. I spent the day in my office, making photocopies and planning for next term and meeting my new building mates. Continue reading

Bike Racks On Oak Street

Bike Rack on Oak StreetToday’s bike ride took me to my office to go through some boxes in search of books and then over to Oak Street for yoga class. Oak Street, according to my friend S., used to be hopping. A lot of commerce has now moved to Magazine Street, but Oak is attempting a renewal. Continue reading