Tents at the Voodoo Experience Music Festival in City Park

We are in the last days of October and here in New Orleans that means it’s time to put a sweatshirt in the saddlebags when heading out in a skirt and tank top to ride under a perfectly blue sky, sun overhead. What a delight! I had a lovely Saturday, reading for pleasure before hitting to road for a very leisurely pedal out to Lake Pontchartrain. And then I remembered it’s music festival weekend in City Park. I don’t quite have the cash to lay out for the show, so I decided to see what I could hear for free just by biking around. First, the park was closed to cars. How wonderful! I think closing the streets to cars every weekend would be fantastic. Second, when there are that many pedestrians–many of whom appear intoxicated or, as the kids used to say, high as kites–it is best to dismount and walk the bike. It was great seeing so many people out enjoying a perfect day for a festival. I was happy to see Halloween costumes out as well. I saw quite a few women in furry boots,  furry animal hats, and body suits with fur trim and accents. Is this a thing to be, or is it just “sexy cat” or something? Whatever. I rode toward the heavy bass, got off my bike, and listened to what I’m guessing was the Crystal Method DJ set. I snapped this picture as I watched the crowds through up the requisite beach balls and the huge clouds of smoke rising intermittently from the dancing mass. These were the perfect seats for me today. I listened for awhile and then rode up to the lake, where I sat and listened to the waves against the levee for a good long time before heading back home to watch the baseball game, another perfect Saturday in the books.

One thought on “Tents at the Voodoo Experience Music Festival in City Park

  1. I know the festival is good for the local economy, but I was disappointed with it last year. I hate festivals where you’re treated like cattle, where you can’t being anything in but everything there is outrageously expensive ($9 crab cakes, expensive crappy beer, etc.) and there definitely isn’t enough Port-O-Potties. What I like is that VooDoo Fest is there and that other people go to it. But even last year when I had VIP access, I gave away my bracelet (they come off unbroken if you work on them) and just enjoyed riding around to enjoy the city’s vibe with the festival’s presence — including playing “spot the famous musician” on the streets of the FQ and CBD.

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