People and a Dog in Costumes on Bourbon Street

It’s Halloween in New Orleans, and the city is all dressed up to go out. I, on the other hand, am just not in the mood. Sometimes I just get all scrooged out and become a total buzzkill, and the best answer for everyone involved is for me to just get on my bike and go for a ride by myself. And that’s what I did today, making a stop at S.’s to try and fix her pinch flat on her new bike. Yeah, that’s the downside to the internal gear business… After many unsuccessful attempts, I threw in the towel and headed out to see what the more spirited types are doing for the holiday. Turns out they’re drinking. A lot. And there are lots of zombies and slutty nurses/cops/she devils/refs/Saints fans. Dressing up in 70’s wear (though not disco) is also apparently a costume now. And then there were these folks walking down Bourbon. That’s Wonder Woman and Robin and the dog is Batman. That’s awesome. And those moms are Pink Ladies, but they seem to have forgotten they’re in costume–I mean, look what’s next to them! The dog is Batman! I got to say, though, this is one of few G-rated frames shot today. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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