Small Group Work at Tulane On the Last Day of Classes

Ok, I kind of can’t believe it, but apparently it is already the last day of classes for the fall semester. How did it go by so quickly? I put on most of what I have in my closet (I am seriously terrible at dressing for cold weather), hopped on the bike, and thought about what to say to the students, pedaling up St. Charles for the zillionth time, a ride where I do much of my class planning. I love the last day of class almost as much as the first day. The first day is like all the other first days–full of possibilities and new books, no one is behind on the reading or assignments yet, 50 cent shot night at the college bar (it’s on Tuesday!) hasn’t claimed any victims, and the syllabus is fun to read, not yet just another boss. But the last day is the day when we can be glad we all made it through. I snapped this picture after the students had met in small groups and come up with terms and concepts they think I should put on the final exam. It was a really good list. Yeah, we talked about all that stuff, and it was all stuff worth talking about. I’m sure the students think I’m kidding when I tell them parting is bittersweet, that I’ll miss them. But it is, and I will. Every group is different, and this semester’s were positively delightful. Have a great summer, don’t ever change.

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