A Satsuma On a Tree at East Drive & Patton

After yesterday’s 80 degree day, the weather positively turned this morning. Big clouds, thunder, rain, and a good 25 degree drop. It’s a good thing I’ll ride in anything, because my car is in the shop and I have places to be. I did the usual rides–down Prytania for a doctor’s appointment, up St. Charles to the office, but by the time my day was over, I was itching for something else. I rode through the park in daylight to see what the fountains look like not all lit up. The path was surprisingly empty, so I just pedaled against the wind until I hit the zoo, where I did a loop to see if maybe I could see some zoo animal heads poking over the fences. No such luck–nothing but empty parking spots and new candy cane hands on the big clock. Living dangerously, I rode a few hundred yards against the (nonexistent) traffic on East Drive and then took a left at Patton to head to the grocery store. I stopped on the corner to take a picture of this single satsuma hanging off its green bush (or is it a tree?). Yep, even on a day like this when I’m mostly just out task-riding, there are little bits of magic. Corny? Yeah, sure. But I’ll take it over my hard pre-biking cynicism, every single flippin’ day.

4 thoughts on “A Satsuma On a Tree at East Drive & Patton

  1. Hi! tomatogirl here! I have a friend, the one who introduced me to the Q, heading to NOLA this weekend for family business, and feeling not wonderful about it. Want to meet her?

    I love your blog when i remember to check in and when I remember my username and password! I even started a blog here when Tony was sick and dying but only maintained it on Caringbridge. I am slowly recovering. hope you are well. Reach me here or on one of the Q clubs – the bench or wherever!

    • Nancy! What a delight to see you here. I am around this weekend, and would be happy to meet your friend. My email’s kdrabinski@gmail.com–have her drop me a line and I’ll show her some fun. I am well–not smoking, biking a lot, loving New Orleans. I still remember your kind words when I was deciding to head out here. It was a most excellent and fortuitous choice. Love to you, and good wishes for continued recovery.

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