A Fork in the Road at Baronne & MLK

A couple weeks ago my chirping chain finally impelled me to go pick up some new chain lube. I headed to the bike shoppe on Frenchman and walked into a crowd of those bike shop guys–the ones who drink cheap beer, ride expensive bikes, and would totally be friends with Kevin Bacon if this were Quicksilver. Somebody in here was about to sell me some seriously high class chain lube, and I was in the mood to be sold. I walked out with my $11 bottle of the unfortunately-named Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold lube and promptly ignored my chain for another two weeks. But the other night I was just tipsy enough to want to spend a lot of time with my chain, and now the thing is running so smoothly. Riding home tonight from a most lovely evening with S., talking about Bruce, learning languages, teaching the hard stuff, and watching her favorite scenes from Glee, I just got in that rhythm, that one that feels like climbing and the turns make you feel like you might actually be Kevin Bacon, even if tonight you’re in an awkward pair of tights and skirt that’s riding up and the wrong color of socks. I rode up Baronne and over this fork in the road. I’ve ridden over this fork a zillion times, and I always notice it, but roll on through the light without snapping a picture. I stopped to take one tonight, thinking that yeah, sometimes it’s the little things.

4 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road at Baronne & MLK

    • The fork is stuck in the road, like it’s melted in there. It has just been run over that many times. I’m just glad the tines aren’t up to flat my tires!

  1. Rock n’ Roll is good stuff! Just be sure to follow the directions and apply often, or spring for the “extreme” version which is supposed to last longer.

  2. Hello, first time on your blog. I love the picture. Keep up fine work. I am new to blogging and love street bikes and street photography. I was in New Orleans for the first time a couple weeks ago. Spent some time taking photo’s around Frenchmen St. Check them out on domotion2011.wordpress.com

    Also I am researching blogs that tell todays bicycle story from around America. If you have anything you want to post to me that would be great. I believe there are many people who have not been heard from that make up a large crowd of people that normally choose to cycle. As you will see I am out and about this winter up in Minneapolis. Thanks again,

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