Police Car Graveyard at Alvar & Chickasaw

It is springtime in New Orleans again. Every time I think it’s time to swap out summer clothes for winter, we get another temperate day like today, perfect for a bike ride with no destination. I hopped on the Surly and headed downtown, only to run into a holiday parade. A parade! I love a parade. This was a short one, but it featured stilt walkers, the McDonough 35 band, dancers, and, of course, Santa Claus. I zipped around the parade to catch it a second time–bikes make parades doubly good–and ran into R. and G. After a lovely chat I hopped back on the bike and headed down Chartres to Poland Avenue. I rode out Poland as far as I could go before the sun went down, past the Florida neighborhood and through Desire. On one side of Alvar are the candy colored flimsy public housing developments, and on the other side are row upon row of shipping containers. I turned on Chickasaw to head back the other way as the sky started pinking. I snapped this picture of a police car graveyard behind rusted fences, thinking about what it must be like for this to be your backyard. Where we decide to build public housing matters too. Uptown to here is less than a nine mile bicycle ride, but it feels like riding to a different planet. Everybody should ride this ride–you get the message in your marrow when you travel by bike.

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