Fenced Street Drain at Nashville & Garfield

Today’s bike ride was limited to the commute to school and back because I am positively slammed with grading, and today was Final Exam day for section two, which meant four good hours in the classroom, watching them all scribble away with their heads down as I read through their end-of-term reading journals. I try to spot read–I have too many students to physically respond in detail to that many journal entries–but I always seem to fail. I love seeing what they got out of all their work, seeing how their thinking developed over the term, and what they think now. I have to say, though, by the 1200th entry of the week, my neck and shoulders were begging me to stop. I headed home for a well-earned night of red wine, pizza, and movies. I stopped on my way to take this picture of a storm drain by the Christian Science church on Nashville. I love how it’s got its own iron crib, replete with fancy knobs on the four corners. This is an impressive means of protection for this thing, but there’s no obvious door to get in and clean out those leaves that are clearly gathering in there–I trust (sort of) that they’ve got a way to deal with that. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but drainage is a huge issue here. But I guess like everything else here, sometimes we’ve got to fancy it up.

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