Painting People Gold at Republic in the CBD

There I was, innocently going about my finals week, when bam, I get an email from my former student E. asking if I’d like to attend the fundraising party she’s throwing for her new Americorps Vista job with, a job for which I wrote her a glowing recommendation letter–every glow earned by her smart and curious student ways. Free party? Open bar? Sign me up! After a long day of waiting and then a quick job interview I took the Surly down the the CBD to meet X. for what I figured would be a quick drink and then a ride home. We ended up getting sucked in for the long haul, X. canceling on her dance practice, me staying up past my bedtime. The party itself was clearly organized and thrown by The Children. There was a loud dj playing his mixes of pop hip hop and Beatles songs, free beer, and lots of nubile young coeds walking around the place covered in gold paint. I snapped this picture of some of them getting a fresh coat on stage, seemingly not the show, but–being on stage and all–also absolutely the show. The gold people clearly felt like the stars, wandering around with their drinks, getting their pictures taking with each other and the occasional middle aged gentleman, clearly feeling quite powerful. It was odd, being at a party full of old people, planned by the youngsters. But I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and the tipsy feeling I left with made me feel a little bit young too. And the thing is, if there’s another hurricane–which there will be–folks will have to evacuate. And these folks are working on a plan for getting everybody out. Cheers to that, I say.

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