Christmas Lights at Delachaise & Magazine

It actually feels like Christmas to this Idaho girl right now–it’s actually cold. Lots of folks don’t ride in this weather, and some friends have even hinted that it’s a bit incredible that I do, but seriously, if you put on some layers and ride a few blocks, you’ll be fine and toasty. I rode around town today running errands and getting some work done at the office. By the time I was heading home with my groceries, it was dark and even colder, and I spent my ride admiring the holiday lights folks have put up on their palm trees and shrubs and porches. It’s odd seeing houses positively wrapped with excessive (in the descriptive sense–not judging!) sparkle right next to blighted and boarded up houses, but that’s Christmas in New Orleans, I suppose. I stopped to snap a photo of these lights outside a dentist’s office on the corner of Delachaise and Magazine, because I just love how the oak tree limb is completely swallowed up in lights. If you’re going to do lights, I say drench it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Lights at Delachaise & Magazine

  1. When I first moved to south Texas the neighbors who wrapped their palm trees in lights amazed me. it was so beautiful and so different from Colorado. Just enjoy what is within your vision no matter your mode of transportation.! ok?

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